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My Resume


Media Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, Production.


Western University  

MIT/Media Information and Technoculture

Honours Specialization in:  Media & The Public Interest (MPI) 

London, Ontario — 2013 — 2018  


The MIT/MPI program combines media theory, history, research and analysis.  and is the only one of its kind in Canada and connects issues of communication and media to democracy, equity, class, race, and gender. Some example courses in the MPI program include Alternative Media, Social Movements and Media. MIT/MPI combines media theory, history, research and analysis.

Canadian Institute of Management    

C.I.M. Certified in Management (Professional Designation)  

London, Ontario — 1999 — 2000 

The Certified in Management (C.I.M.) designation is attained by completing the 8-course Chartered Management Program (CMP) with 24 months of professional-level management experience or completion of the Management Aptitude Evaluation (MAE)

Related Experience  

  • Documentary film maker. 
  • Level 3 certified fiber optic technician Fanshawe Collage
  • Managed service, sales and technical teams for Bell Canada and Rogers Cable.
  • Project coordination management of large event venues. 
  • Video production and photojournalism. 
  • Administration.   


Italian Documentary Film "primi saranno gli ultimi", (The First Will Be The Last) Toronto, — 2019. Release date 2020.

The story of a journey to meet the last  voluntary fighters of the Spanish Civil War.  

-Videography and audio.

-On location interviews.  


Documentary Film Producer  

London Poverty Research Center

London, Ontario — 2018- Present.  

Documentary film "The New Normal": Precarious Work in London.. -Videography; Editing, 

-Story development, 



Research Assistant  

Western University

London, Ontario — 2015- 2018  

Development of social media strategies.. Clerical and administrative duties. Update and maintain word-press web site. 

The Indignants Radio Talk Show Host  


London, Ontario — 2015- 2018  

Producer and host for political talk show.   

CHRW's most listened to talk radio show 2017-18.

Sales and Service Coach  

Bell Canada

London, Ontario — 2004- 2011  

Training new and veteran employees.   Managed the number one team in service and revenue.

Project/Event Coordinator

London, Ontario — 1999- 2001  

Project-coordinator for largest competitive computer gaming event in Eastern Canada. Solicited $45 000 in cash and prizes each year from sponsors.  Developed technical team to manage the temporary 500 person computer network. Overlooked operations at venue.    

Cable/Fiber Optic Design and Technician    

Rogers Cable and contractors

London, Ontario — 1986- 2004  

Responsible for technical rebuild of Rogers Cable TV's two way system. Project coordinator: Managed team replacing 60 000 cable aerial drops to homes. Project coordinator:Managed team rewiring 600 apartment buildings for Cable and Cat5.. Worked on team in designing fiber optic network for St. Thomas Ontario. Managed up-to 56 employees in day to day activities.

Activism and Volunteer work  

  • Food Not Bombs 2009 — 2018  
  • Document  the following social movements:  
  • G20 Toronto.  
  • Occupy Movement: Toronto – London.  
  • Idle No More.  
  • Quebec Student Movement: Montreal.  

Websites and other media 

Revolution News International

2012- present 


Alternative news and media organization with over 1.2 million Facebook followers. Photography, videography, writing, editing and regulate social media content  Increased followers from 60 00 to 1.2 million. Weekly social media reach 20 – 100 million.

Other publications  

Featured Photo--Video  

Vice/Motherboard (2012 & 2017)  

The Real News (2012)  

SubMedia (2012 & 2017)  

Now Magazine Toronto (2014)  

CBC (2016-2017-2018)  

Books (Photos):  Line In The Tarsands (2014)  and The Winter We Danced (2014)  

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