photography, videography, written word, Podcast & Radio.

Documentary Film

A Locally produced documentary that features Londoners who feel the pressure of precarious employment and experts in the field who analyze the city's situation. My contribution was as follows: Videography, Editing, Story board and narration. 

Public Relations Video

On October 16th 2012, members of the Teaching Assistant and Post-Doctoral Workers' Union (PSAC 610) staged a marking demonstration on Concrete Beach at Western University. 


For the second time in as many weeks activists in Canada occupied and shut down Line 9 Endbridge’s  300,000 barrel per day oil pipe line.  This action effectively ceased the flow of bitumen oil from the Alberta Tar Sands into into the United States.  This 40-year-old pipeline crosses multiple rivers and major watercourses, including Lake Ontario and the St. Clair River.  The shutdown closed the oil for several hours costing Enbridge millions of dollars in lost revenue. 

Music Video

 Test Their Logik's song "Democracy's Bankrupt" pulls no punches in its  ruthless attack on our current stage of democracy and the structures of governance. Originally published October 2012.